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I have written B2B and B2C content for companies big and small, giving them copy that improves brand awareness, internal and external communication, social media presence and gains media attention.


I specialize in crafting marketing and public relations material that captivates target audiences.

How do I do this?

Simple, I learn your business, your audience and adapt to your writing style.

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Atlanta Freelance Copywriter


Briana has great writing skills(particularly being creative - making things compelling to read), very quickly assimilates and understands directions of projects and works aggressively to make deadlines. Personally, she is a pleasure to work with - professional, friendly and approachable.

Ashley Worsham, Marketing Manager, North Highland



Briana was a pleasure to work with at Atlanta Habitat! She is a hard worker and her attention to detail is amazing. Briana has written numerous articles and press releases for Atlanta Habitat and we would highly recommend her for freelance work.


Ashley Keyes, Marketing and Communications Manager, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity


Briana is a self-starter who loves bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the table to help take business to the next level. Briana is a wonderful writer who knows how to find and understand the market and write in such a compelling manner that grabs the audience’s attention. I highly recommend Briana as she is very personable and professional and an overall delight to work with.

Shera Jones, Marketing Coordinator, CBA



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